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Sunday, 1 February 2009

water purification

Despite Peres saying on January 30 that there was no siege on Gaza, the news comes through from France that Israel has blocked their efforts to get a water purification system into Gaza. Gaza has very little infrastructure left and, after the recent assault, conditions are rife for disease to break out, as houses and services have been bombed to rubble, sanitation systems have failed, and running water is not readily available. The area was already suffering a humanitarian crisis prior to the Israeli attack.

Chevallier said the equipment was badly needed in Gaza, which is reeling from a 22-day Israeli offensive. Officials had hoped to transport it across the Israel-Gaza border last Sunday but were denied access.

France summoned Israel's ambassador to complain after French diplomats were blocked for hours on the Jewish state's border with the Gaza Strip.

Chevallier said the fate of the water unit was also raised but Israel refused to budge.

"There were a very great number of steps taken at all levels to try to get the water purification station into Gaza," he said
(France says Israel blocks water equipment for Gaza, Reuters U.K., Jan 30, 2009).

If they are the same diplomats, there were also warning shots fired in their direction by Israeli border guards, according to this report. If they are not the same diplomats, firing the warning shots was still an audacious thing to do.

Other aid was let through, but anything that might sustain long term self-sufficiency or life is not allowed, or so it seems.
SBS Australia has this video on the aftermath in Gaza. Their videos only stay current for a week or so, though.

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this cutie was taken by Crazyegg95 in 2005 and is from flickr