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Sunday, 8 February 2009

posts from posts

I keep lifting posts from posts, but as long as the word gets spread around, somewhat, I don't feel too guilty about it. And I do provide links.

The following is a question that anyone who can actually find a news article about Gaza in Australia might be asking (the question is in the second paragraph):
Israel must lift its ban on materials to rebuild Gaza after its offensive in a territory resembling "hell" where children have to sleep outside shattered homes, the European Union's Middle East envoy said in Jerusalem on Tuesday.

"What encouragement to terrorism would it be to rebuild the sewage system, have clean water, have kids going to school, have clinics that work, have mothers delivering their babies in safe conditions?" Marc Otte asked following Operation Cast Lead - Israel's devastating 22-day assault in the Hamas-ruled territory
(EU envoy: Israel must ease aid restrictions on 'hell-like' Gaza, Ha'aretz,February 5, 2009).
The response to the above information and question at Jews sans frontieres was pithy and ended with this observance:
Your question [Mark Otte] should be directed at the governments that sent you. Ask them this:
For how long are you going to support and defend the criminals instead of supporting bringing them to justice? For how long are you going to support the murder of children in defense of the dispossession of their parents?

Though the UN and international human rights presence are necessary in the area, (I sometimes think it is the sole reason that the Palestinians haven't been wiped out as a whole - yet?), Gabriel's (the person who wrote the post) questions are straight to the point, and are ones that we should be asking governments. In that, why is it necessary to have such a strong and continuing UN presence in the area?

It is a question I ask of the Australian government, which unconditionally supports the Israeli government and all that it does. Aside from supporting Israel's obvious disregard for human life, Australia gives full support to the Israeli government's blatant destruction of buildings and infrastructure and other forms of aid that we have provided again and again. By never offering criticism, but always supporting a one-sided 'right of defense' we do this. Treatment of the wounds is essential, as is trying to give people a modicum of a life, but why not address what causes the wounds, rather than continuously trying to get the plasters through Israeli blockades each time another incursion occurs, another home is bulldozed, another farmer shot in his fields?

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this cutie was taken by Crazyegg95 in 2005 and is from flickr