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Monday, 19 January 2009

More disturbing than Rwanda?

"Ging has said he has never experienced anything quite as disturbing as what is happening in Gaza. He said he was in Rwanda at the time of the genocide and in the Balkans during the ethnic cleansing." In the Eye of the Storm, Irish, January 17, 2009.

The head of the UNRWA speaks. John Ging, the man who said of the two children who were killed in the bombing of a school last week, " They are as indisputably innocent as they are dead ".

Note, 21st January, this is also from the article: '“This is happening in full view of the entire planet . . This is a disaster that should not be happening."' I think this is where he draws his analogy from. Best you read the whole article and draw your own conclusions.


MIchael said...

Rwanda - 800,000 killed in mass genocide and slaugther.
Balkans - about 50,000 civillians were killed and about 50,000 soldiers (In Bosnian's civil war).

Had JOHN GING visited in Iraq? When muslims are being slaugthered day by day by other muslims for no reason.
Had JOHN GING visited Darfur, when innocent black Sudanese are being butchered by islamic army of the government?
Had JOHN GING visited the are of Kurdistan when Kurds are being killed in thousands?
Had JOHN GING visited Sri-Lanka, when more than 70,000 had killed?

No, he hadn't. Since it's easy to watch at Israel with one eye, but close the other eye that seeses horrible things.
When muslims butcher muslims in hundreds of thousands, it's "buisness as usual".
When muslims kill Israelis, it's allright as well - "we are used to it from WW2, let's finish the job!".
But when Israel defends itself and innocent are killed, BLAME EVERYTHING ON ISRAEL!

lizardrinking said...

Hi Michael.

I do think that Israel has the right to defend itself. I do not know that it has the right to use phosphorous bombs on civilian populations, or to use dime weapons on civilian populations, or that is has the right to keep people behind closed borders controlling the food and medical aid that goes behind those borders, imposing sanctions because Israel does not like their elected government. You treat people like animals, what happens?

I do not know that it has the right to bomb UN schools which are sheltering civilians, bomb compounds which store food and other essential goods for that population, that it has the right to shepherd people into houses and to fire upon them. Sounds like a strange form of self-defense to me.

The facts and figures from Rwanda and the other tragedies are shocking, and I guess Ging cannot be every where at once. My government should speak out, and should have spoken out strongly against those also. It whispered hardly a murmur for this one. And I am ashamed of its stance, as I think some Israelis are also in relation to their government's stance.

I would not worry too much about your safety. You have some of the most sophisticated weaponry in the world. You are probably set for life, though negotiation actually seems as if it would be a lot less painful for everyone involved, and might help put a stop to this endless perpetuation of suppression, reaction, and violence.

I leave this video from a former captain in the Israeli air-force. You cannot kill the desire to be free

this cutie was taken by Crazyegg95 in 2005 and is from flickr