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Tuesday, 24 June 2008


Things are finally moving on Guantanamo , thank god, though it seems that Bush still doesn't think that people from other countries who are detained by his government should be given the same rights as the citizens of his country. Even if those people have issue with a country that is not the U.S. . It is a difficult situation it seems, as many (though definitely not all) of those detained appear to be very far from angels. Some of those released have gone on to wreak murder and mayhem, but not all, as seen by David Hicks and Mamdouh Habib . It can also be seen from those reports (though the neutrality of them is disputed - what do you expect, it's wikipedia!) that people who end up at Guantanamo are not necessarily of what is termed as sound mind, yet, when one also looks into well-documented reports of torture, the question of which comes first (the chicken or the egg?) has to be raised. "Results" gained by torture and deprivation should always be questioned, and use of such techniques by any country, and especially by countries which pride themselves on their democratic and humanitarian principles, should not be condoned.

For a comprehensive look at the issue, PBS's Frontline, The Torture Question is well worth seeking out. Though dealing with Abu Ghraib, it also looks at Guantanamo, and here is a lot of information in print form from the same documentary. Though it came out a few years ago, the issues addressed remain topical. Well, I know hypocrisy is enshrined in many a nations' constitution, but it is worth keeping in mind that if a government feels justified in using techniques of terror towards one group of people, there is no guarantee that it will not feel justified in applying it towards all people at some point in the future. And if the upholders of democracy gain government endorsement to use the tools and techniques favoured by many dictatorships and regimes, then the word democracy and everything it is purported to stand for certainly takes on a hollow ring.


anglophile said...

It is a source of shame to this American citizen. Don't worry, though, GWB has been busy stripping his own citizens of their constitutional rights since 9/11. The real problem is that, while many citizens oppose him, many more feel the illusion of security gained by relinquishing basic rights is worth it. The next president will have a lot of damage to repair in this country.

lizardrinking said...

I know, 'glo. Many things have happened within the same time frame in my own country that I am not happy about (including Howard's seeming collusion with GWB over Guantanamo). It seems that the new government has gone some of the way to reversing and repairing some of the damage done, but if the media turns against him, it is only too easy to whip a great many people up into a frenzy of fear, after which they seem to lose all compassion and reason.

this cutie was taken by Crazyegg95 in 2005 and is from flickr