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Monday, 25 February 2008

the deleting demon

I went a bit spare last month with getting the assignment done, and wiped everything off here - never to return, un-uh, no never - that lasted for all of the two hours or so that the deleting demon possessed me. I am terrible at deleting, well no, I am actually very good at it, therefore, I am a terrible deleter, as in it is my wont and habit: tearing things up throwing things out, emptying my whole inbox, setting things on fire. I love that piece of pottery you gave me, but you don't love me anymore, so I'm going to smash it to a thousand pieces. So there, that'll learn ya!.

I bought a ceramic dog, weird of face, but sort of endearing, that reminded me of a long term crush that went nowhere - claytonships I call them - the relationship you're having when you're not having a relationship - anyway, that dog used to sit in the garden amongst carefully, or occasionally, if we're being honest, tended flowers. My shovel made its way into his head, body, torso one very cranky afternoon. Damn it, loved that pooch, though.

I tried to get a link to that original claytons advertisement, but couldn't find it, so here is this from wikipedia.

The point being, far away from my obvious psychosis, is that I deleted the Shaun Tan pictures and links. They had reminded a friend of his interest in the author/illustrator, and he went out and bought two of the books and read them with his daughter in a cafe where a woman actually had an original print from the Red Tree. Holy synchronicity batman.

So, as Shaun Tan is a good and worthy cause, I will put the pics up again. If you are ever feeling a bit down, The Red Tree is sure to lift you up, and I spoke of The Arrival before. A true work of art that tells a truly poignant and powerful story.

Shaun Tan


Anonymous said...

Ah! What a hand he has. My favourite from the arrival is the page with the clouds. Well, it's the one that's run a groove in my mind. Today I had chai in that cafe, sans child, although it's only the coffee I'm trying to give up. It would have been better with the child because she could have shared the chai. She thinks she wants to share a coffee until I proffer an empty dunked tea spoon. Looking at the painting is the better bet, we can both share that. The surprise too. Thanks again for those links!

lizardrinking said...

You are a major feature of my blog! You must have realised that by now :)

this cutie was taken by Crazyegg95 in 2005 and is from flickr